May 14, 2002

Board of Commissioners

TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2002

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Pledge of Allegiance
  4. Adoption of Agenda
    (Approved 5-0  - added item 20A - see below)
  5. Presentation to Jackie Getsinger, Board of Adjustment
  6. Consent Agenda
    1. Minutes of Regular Meeting – April 9, 2002
    2. Minutes of Special Meeting –  March 11, 2002
    3. Minutes of Special Meeting –  March 18, 2002
    4. Tax Refunds/Releases
  7. Public Comment
  8. Special Use Permit Application  – Village Market, Mindy Dennis, applicant
    1. Public Hearing
    2. Consideration of Special Use Permit
      (Approved 5-0)
  9. Presentation – FY 2002-2003 Recommended Budget (memo)
    (No Action Required)
  10. Resolution Authorizing Consulting Services Contract for Bogue Inlet Relocation / Western Nourishment Project
    (No Action Taken - to be put on May 20th Meeting)
  11. Resolution Authorizing Pre-Positioned Disaster Debris Removal Contract
    (Approved 5-0)
  12. Ordinance Amending Chapter 17 – Streets and Sidewalks – of the Emerald Isle Code of Ordinance to Adjust the Standards for Public and Private Streets (2nd Reading)
    (Approved 3-2 - Eckhardt, Marks, Farmer For, Messer, McElraft Against)
  13. Ordinance Amending Chapter 18 – Subdivisions – of the Emerald Isle Code of Ordinances to Clarify the Use of Private Streets and Adjust the Standards for Intersections (2nd Reading)
    (Approved 3-2 - Marks, Eckhardt, Farmer For, Messer, McElraft Against)
  14. Discussion – Ordinance Amending Chapter 5– Beach and Shore Regulations – of the Emerald Isle Code of Ordinances to Regulate Beach Bulldozing Activities
    (Voted 5-0 to be amended and put on agenda for June)
  15. Hazard Mitigation Plan
    1. Adoption of Carteret County Hazard Mitigation Plan
    2. Adoption of Emerald Isle Hazard Mitigation Plan
      (Tabled - to be on agenda June meeting)
  16. NC 58 Sidewalk Project
    1. Resolution Authorizing NCDOT Sidewalk Agreement
      (Approved 5-0)
    2. Capital Project Ordinance
      (Approved 5-0)
  17. Resolution Requesting that Municipal Revenue Sources Be Made Secure
    (Approved 5-0)
  18. Discussion – Ordinance Amending Chapter 18 – Subdivisions – of the Emerald Isle Code of Ordinances Regarding Final Plat Approval         (click here to see Proposed Amendment)
    (Vote 4-1 to pass to Planning Board for revisions - Messer, Eckhardt, Marks, Farmer For, McElraft Against)
  19. Nomination to the NC Coastal Resources Commission
    (Vote 5-0 for Jim Swartzenberg)
  20. Appointments to Board of Adjustment
    (Voted 5-0 to reappoint Mike Johnson, Moved Mark Brennesholtz to position left vacant by Jackie Getsinger, Moved John McEnaney to Alternate #1)

    ******Item 20A added to agenda*****
    Discussion of Ordinance relating to building height
    (Referred to Planning Board by 5-0 Vote - Public Hearing scheduled for June Meeting)

  21. Comments from Town Clerk, Town Attorney and Town Manager
  22. Comments from Board of Commissioners and Mayor
  23. Adjourn
Posted by The Town of Emerald Isle 05/14/2002