May 2004

There are a lot of joys in being Mayor of Emerald Isle, but no joy greater than receiving the following class project written by Celia Jones, an 8th Grade student in Brookneal Va.

I Am Really Happy When …

Imagine that you are at the ocean in the summer. As you sit in your chair, the waves slosh up between your toes and suck the sand out from beneath them as they run back only to meet another wave. The crashing surf fills your ears, but back in the distance you can hear the sound of family and loved ones laughing and chatting. The sun warms your face and makes you wonder - could anything be better? For me, the answer is no. It is for this and many other reasons that I am really happy when I'm at the ocean.

One reason why I am happiest when at the ocean is the memories that are made there. Eight of my family members and myself rent a beach house on a 23 mile long island each year in July. The beach house's name is "The Family Tree" (very appropriate), and the island is Emerald Isle. Our family has been vacationing in Emerald Isle for thirty years, so trust me; we have our share of memories! Friends of the family are in front of and beside us during the week also. So, it's very seldom that I think of Emerald Isle and memories don't come floating back, and a smile comes to my face.

Another reason I'm really happy when I'm at the beach is the fun I have. Whether it's playing paddleball in the sun or chasing sand fiddlers under the moon, there is never an unhappy moment. The days are full of shopping, shell hunting, and the occasional break for a nap and some of Grandma's chicken salad. Nighttime trips to Golfing' Dolphin and Dairy Queen are never uncommon, and last year Dad and I even rode a Jet Ski in the Sound. To sum the week up in a few words, a good time is had by all!

The final reason I am happy when at the beach is the peace I find when there. Sometimes I think it feels like God has picked up a teeny-tiny peace of Heaven, set it off the coast of North Carolina, and named it Emerald Isle. I know he hasn't, but I also know I'd rather be near the ocean than any other place on Earth. If I do have any problems while there, they seem pointless because I have a greater perspective. The peace and contentment I have when I am at the ocean is the final reason the ocean is where I'm truly happy.

As I hope you can see, Emerald Isle or the ocean in general is very special to me. I am surrounded by friends and family all while I'm there. The memories we share and hold are truly priceless. I always cherish and look forward to the fun we have. Also, it is so peaceful there and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Yes, it is good to come home after a week, but I will always bring Emerald Isle home with me. because it's my Heaven on Earth, and the place I am really happy.

Celia's paper is a thank you to the citizens, town employees, businesses, second homeowners, and visitors that continue to make Emerald Isle a great place. Thanks you Celia, and thanks to your friend William Guthrie who sent your paper to me. 

Posted by VC3 Admin Saturday, May 1, 2004 10:18:00 AM