May 2007

This month, I want to cover a multitude of items. First I would like to remind you or make you aware of several improvements made over the last several months. The intersection at Coast Guard Road and Emerald Drive has been completely redone. Considering the fact that we have a limited amount of space to work with, I think the improvements turned out very well. NCDOT is now installing new traffic signals at the Highway 58/24 intersection, and at all existing traffic signals in Emerald Isle. The Emerald Isle intersections will also have pedestrian signals. The new system should help improve traffic flow and make it safer for pedestrians to cross Emerald Drive.

The Town received about 1,500 plants from NCDOT and has just about finished planting all of them on the right of way between the bridge and Town Hall. We received 20 Pistacia Chinensis, 40 holly stevens, 20 live oaks, 42 crepe myrtles, 30 indian hawthorns, 300 muhly grass, 500 day lilies, 100 blue pacific junipers, and 500 lariope. You will notice the new plants this year, but they will become even more noticeable as they mature in future years. Another item on the appearance note is the repainting of curbs in the middle of town. I think the new white curbs add freshness to our downtown area.

The Police Department has implemented a bicycle registration program. Please go by the Police Station and register your bicycle. Each year we have stolen/abandoned bicycles for which we cannot find the rightful owner. This will be a tremendous help to the Police Department in their effort to locate the rightful owners.

Many of you have already purchased a reflective sign to help emergency vehicles locate your home in case of an emergency. If you have ever tried to find an unfamiliar address at night, you know how difficult it is to find many of our homes. Emerald Isle EMS has installed reflective address signs at over 1,000 homes. That is a great start, but we still have many homes to go. Please call them at 252-354-2249 to order a sign for your house.

There are many opportunities for volunteers in all types of organizations. If you would like to volunteer, but not really sure where, give me a call at 252-354-2916. Between my wife and I, we are familiar with just about all volunteer organizations in our area. One such organization is the Emerald Isle Homemaker’s Ladies Club. They formed on September 15, 1980 with 20 dedicated women. They are an extension of NC State University. They are active in many worthwhile causes in Emerald Isle and the surrounding area; blood drives, Meals On Wheels, the Curb Market, Seafood lab, etc. While many enjoy trips, crafts, and sewing projects, the main emphasis is on education and leadership. Meetings are the first Wednesday at 10 AM at the Recreation Center. “We invite you to join us” says Molly Saitta, President, 252-254-5128.

Since the weather has now warmed up, I hope to be seeing all of you around town soon.

Posted by VC3 Admin Tuesday, May 1, 2007 3:28:00 PM