May 2009

I want to ask for your help on behalf of myself and all business owners in Emerald Isle. You can be a tremendous help by telling all of your friends that Emerald Isle is a great place to vacation. All of us have been affected by the national financial situation over the last 6 months or so, and it looks like it will last a while longer. The negative effect for some has been relatively minor, but for many has been significant. The competition for summer visitors among tourism destinations is more competitive than ever.

We are fortunate to have many fine businesses in Emerald Isle, but as you know most of these businesses that provide us with year-round services would not survive without the summer visitors. For many of them, the winter months are a losing financial situation, but they pay the winter rent and expenses with the hope that they can cover that loss and make some money in the summer months.

Many of your friends are going to take a vacation somewhere, and I am hoping that it will be in Emerald Isle. As vacation spots go, Emerald Isle is a bargain. Often times, we don’t stop to think about all of the wonderful things we can do in Emerald Isle. We have a wide range of accommodations for just about any budget, the best beaches in North Carolina, lots of outdoor activities, such as Emerald Isle Woods, a 43 acre sound side park, about 4 miles of bike paths and sidewalks, handicap access and viewing platforms at both the Western and Eastern Ocean Accesses, fishing pier, marina, surf boarding, skim boarding, and a lot more. We also have a wide range of restaurants and shops, and activities such as water slide, miniature golf, bumper cars, go-carts, video arcade, bowling alley, batting cage,  golf driving range, and golf course all within town or just across the bridge.

A little further away, we have the North Carolina Aquarium and North Carolina’s most visited State Park, FT. Macon, as well as the historical town of Beaufort and Cape Lookout. One of the big drawing points for Emerald Isle and the entire Crystal Coast is that there are a wide range of things to do for a wide range of interests, and there is no way you can run out of things to do.

So help us out, tell your friends about Emerald Isle and for more information, send them to the Town’s web site; or the tourism office at or 1-877-206-0929.

One last note on a different subject, I am proud that Emerald Isle is a very clean town. It takes the continuous effort of Town staff and many citizens and visitors to keep the town free of litter. In the summer months, town staff is picking up litter just about every day. I doubt if anyone reading this article leaves litter, but as you walk the beach, streets, bike paths, sidewalks, etc., you can help by picking up any litter you see. My theory is that the less litter there is, the less likely people are to litter.

Have a great summer and I look forward to seeing all of you on the beach and around town. 

Posted by Admin Friday, May 1, 2009 2:26:00 PM