Meet Emerald Isle author, Tom Gill, to get your signed copy of "The Bridge".

Thursday, June 23, 2016
11:00 AM
5:00 PM

What a great summer beach read! 

Emerald Isle author Tom Gills will be signing his new book "The Bridge" at two locations on Thursday, June 23 - Dee Gee's Gifts & Books, Morehead City (11am-1pm) and Emerald Isle Books and Toys, Emerald Isle (1pm - 5pm)

“The Bridge” is also available on Amazon, Create Space, and in several area book stores. 

Set in the Crystal Coast, remember your summer romance and become quickly engaged in tragedy, turmoil, and drama as Kirby, a rising high school sophomore, discovers the truth about her birth father. 

Below is the "hook" which suggests what happens when Kirby, a 15 year old rising sophomore discovers she has been raised by a man who is not her father - he died!  The story takes place on Emerald Isle and includes a fun summer romance, island imagery, humor, and a bit of suspense:


As Brooks drove his fire rescue cruiser down Highway 58 near the bike shop, his scanner chirped. “All available units: be advised…single vehicle accident; car is over the Langston Bridge and submerged. Repeat, car is OVER the Langston Bridge and submerged. All area rescue and emergency vehicles respond.”

            Only minutes away, Brooks hit his lights and siren and sped toward the scene. As he approached the bridge, the traffic snarled quickly to a stop. Heart racing, he rolled down his window and screamed, "Move, move, move! Get out of the way!"

            He knew he was the closest rescue swimmer and emergency medical technician, and time was critical. He had to run. Brooks jumped out and raced toward the crowd standing in the middle of the bridge some four hundred yards away. Sweat poured from his forehead; alarms rang in his head. With a sickening feeling in his gut, Brooks raced on.

            Fighting for breath and skirting stalled cars, Brooks nearly fell to his knees. His heart sank when fifty yards off the bridge’s eastern edge he saw Pappy's half submerged BMW in the pluff mud. The car listed on its right side, making it difficult to see the driver. With the rising tide, it would quickly be under water. Brooks knew his fifteen-year- old daughter, Kirby, would never have driven over the bridge. It must be Pappy.

            Rescue boats had certainly dispatched by now. But they would take ten minutes to get around the Sound from the coast guard station. No time!

            Then he saw it—a slight movement in the driver's seat. A blonde ponytail pulled through her UNC ball cap. It was Kirby!

            “Move, damn it, move!” Brooks screamed as he raced toward the edge. Despite the ninety-degree heat, the crowd stood frozen in place. Others were afraid to jump from the sixty-foot high bridge. Brooks wasted no time.

            Brooks stripped to his shorts, ripped off his shirt and kicked off his steel-toed work boots. He quickly searched for the best entry point. He spied what looked like the deepest spot in the water and leaped over the mangled guardrail.


Tom Gill graduated from Statesville High School in 1977.  He graduated with honors from East Carolina University in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in Intermediate Education and received a master’s degree in Business from the University of Arkansas.  Tom and his high school sweetheart, Alyson (Kirby) Gill, toured the country while he completed his Air Force career retiring in 1998 to Concord NC.  Tom subsequently completed a healthcare career as a dialysis executive retiring in 2014.  He worked as the Branch Manager of the Camp Lejeune and New River Air Station Transition Readiness Programs and recently as the Director of Military Affair at Craven Community College.  Tom and Alyson moved to Emerald Isle and are enjoying retirement near their two adult daughters, son-in-law and granddaughter.