The Town of Emerald Isle has partnered with Active Network to offer you the ability to register for classes, purchase a membership and make secure online payments. The process is easy. Simply sign on and click on the blue button called Purchase a Membership on the RIGHT. Choose the membership that fits your needs and proceed to membership application. When you have completed the membership application, you can pay with your credit card. On your next visit to Emerald Isle Parks & Recreation you will have your photo taken. Your membership card will be printed with your photo and a barcode. Each time you visit you will sign in by placing your membership card under the scanner. It’s that easy.

During the creation of your membership you will be asked to create a username and password. Please keep this information handy from year to year, as you will need it to renew your membership in 2016.

If you would prefer to purchase your membership in person at Emerald Isle Parks & Recreation, you can still do so. However, we anticipate that each membership will take us 20-30 minutes to process onsite verses the 10 minutes it will take you to process and purchase at home. For those wishing to purchase onsite, please bring a valid ID with your current Emerald Isle mailing address. Please note, memberships purchased onsite will require us to take your photo at the time of your application.

Membership Policy

Your membership card is required for all visits to the Emerald Isle Parks & Recreation Community Center. Only children over the age of 12 are permitted without parent/adult supervision. You must be 16 years of age to use the weight room facility. Lost card replacement fee is $25 per card. Your membership confirms you are compliant and in agreement with all rules and regulations established within the facility.

By purchasing a membership you are agreeing to the terms of our membership policy.  You will be issued 1 membership card per person.

  • Replacement cards are $25 per person. You MUST scan your card each time you visit.
  • If you do not bring your card you have 2 options: 
      1. Pay $10 daily fee 
      2. Purchase a new card for $25 each

You are welcome to bring 1 (one) OUT OF TOWN guest for up to 1 (one) week.  You will need to scan your membership card at the time of their visit.  Your guest will need to sign our waiver and wear a wristband.  Please see staff member for guest passes.  If your guest is visiting for more than one week, they will need to purchase a pass to accommodate their additional need.

  • $10 Daily Pass
  • $30 Weekly Pass
  • $50 Monthly Pass


Your guest enjoys the benefit of reduced class fees.  Members and guests MUST pay class fees as follows:

  • $1 per Aerobics Class per person

  • $2 per Yoga Class per person
  • $5 per Yoga as Therapy Class per person

Membership Fees

The membership fee schedule is based upon an individual's or family's taxpayer status; that is, whether or not the Town of Emerald Isle is the recipient of any tax dollars from said individual or family.  Membership duration is based on the calendar year, beginning January 1st and expiring December 31st of each year; therefore, if you join in July, your membership will still expire on December 31st.  We are not able to prorate.  We do offer daily and weekly passes (see below). Family memberships may include children under the age of 25 who live with and are claimed on the primary member's taxes.

Annual taxpayer and non-taxpayer memberships include the use of the weight room, indoor gymnasium, tennis courts, discounted aerobics & yoga classes and discounted room rentals.

Daily and weekly passes include the use of the weight room, indoor gymnasium, tennis courts and discounted aerobics & yoga classes.

Please feel free to contact us with questions.

  • Daily Pass (per person):  $10
  • Weekly Pass (per person):  $30
  • Monthly Membership (per person):  $50
  • Individual Taxpayer Membership:  $100
  • Family Taxpayer Membership:  $150
  • Individual NON-Taxpayer Membership:  $300
  • Family NON-Taxpayer Membership:  $450
  • Annual Taxpayer Tennis Membership Only:  $25
  • Annual Gymnasium Walker Membership:  $25


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