MEMO TO:           Mayor Barber and Board of Commissioners

FROM:                  Frank A. Rush, Jr., Town Manager

SUBJECT:           Appointments

The Board of Commissioners is scheduled to make appointments to three Town boards and committees at the December 8 meeting.

Planning Board

With the election of Candace Dooley to the Board of Commissioners, there is now one vacancy on the Planning Board for a term that expires in March 2016.  The Board should appoint one individual to complete this term, perhaps with the thought of reappointing that individual to a new 2-year term in March 2016 (total of 3 vacancies at that time).

We have not advertised for applicants for the Planning Board, but have received recent emails indicating interest in serving on the Planning Board from the following individuals:  Will Aird, Mike Campbell, Chad MacAvery, Danny Shell, and Mark Taylor.

I have attached an excerpt from the Town’s Unified Development Ordinance that outlines the membership, meetings, and powers and duties of the Planning Board.

The Board should note that, with the exception of Chairman Ken Sullivan, all of the 6 other Planning Board members will have served for less than 15 months.  I have tasked Town Planner Josh Edmondson with arranging a training session for the Planning Board sometime in the next few months.  I envision the training session including the Planning Board’s role, the legal framework for planning and zoning actions in NC, and an overview of the Town’s Unified Development Ordinance.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

The terms of members Ken Stone (Chairman), Wanda Collins, Brandon Staton, and Deborah Styron all expire in December 2015, and the Board should appoint 4 individuals to serve new 2-year terms that will expire in December 2017.  All four individuals have expressed interest in being reappointed to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

I have attached a copy of the by-laws for the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.  Over the years, the primary role of the Committee evolved into a fundraising role, and the Committee’s work helped to foster the gradual expansion of the bicycle path network.  With the full completion of the bicycle path along the entire length of NC 58 and Coast Guard Road in 2014, the Committee’s role continues to evolve (although it still includes a fundraising component), and the Committee is currently considering new bicycle and pedestrian projects to recommend to the Board of Commissioners to further enhance the quality of life in Emerald Isle.

Joint EMS Committee

With the departure of John Wootten from the Board of Commissioners, the Board is asked to appoint a new member of the Board to serve on the Joint EMS Committee (comprised of 3 representatives from the Town and 3 members of Emerald Isle EMS, Inc.).

The Joint EMS Committee was first established by the Town and EI EMS, Inc. in 2005, and the committee has played a helpful role in maintaining good communication and cooperation between the two entities since that time.  The Joint EMS Committee generally meets 1 - 3 times annually to review budget requests, receive updates on service issues and challenges, and consider the most effective short-term and long-term management structure for emergency medical services in Emerald Isle.

The Town contracts with EI EMS, Inc. for the provision of emergency medical services, and in FY 15-16 will provide a total of $377,000 from the General Fund.  EI EMS, Inc. also anticipates an additional $145,000 in service fees, resulting in a total FY 15-16 budget of $522,000.  EI EMS, Inc. contracts back with the Town for financial management services, and Town staff manage accounts payable, payroll, and other activities for EI EMS, Inc.  The EMS Station is owned by the Town, but is leased to EI EMS, Inc. at essentially no cost.

The Town’s current members of the Joint EMS Committee are Mayor Eddie Barber and Town Manager Frank Rush.  EI EMS, Inc.’s current members of the Joint EMS Committee are Chief Susan Walker, Arlayne Calhoun, and Ed Naiman.

With the FY 16-17 budget process set to begin in the coming weeks, I would like to schedule a meeting of the Joint EMS Committee later in December to discuss the upcoming budget, other timely issues, and renew discussions about the best long-term management structure for EI EMS, Inc.