Mosquito Control

Since March of this year Public Works staff have performed over 160 Mosquito landing counts, none of which have returned results of more than 3 mosquitos per minute. The Town Manager has directed our Public Works staff to stay ahead of the mosquito issues if possible due to the higher threat of Zika Virus this year.

Public Works staff have placed larvacide in public areas with standing water this year, and will continue to do so as needed.  The Town is again offering free mosquito larvacide to property owners to use at their home.  Larvacide can be picked up at the Public Works building and also at the Town Administration Building. We recommend calling 354-4450 first to make sure Public Works staff are available to assist or 354-3424 to make sure that Admin staff is available to assist. 

For more information on the Zika Virus please follow the links below.

the Zika virus 

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