Mosquito Control

“Tip and Toss”

It’s “Tip and Toss” time again. Please be aware that if you are experiencing Mosquitoes at this time of year it is a good possibility that they are being produced on your property or that of your neighbors. You should always take precautions and use a mosquito repellant with DEET, if you are allergic to DEET there are alternative products that you can use. Always follow label instructions for whatever you are using. You should inspect your property often for any litter that can hold water or flower pot trays that have water in them, turn your wheel barrow upside down. You should dump your bird baths every 2 days or so and refill them and remember it only takes a bottle cap full of water to hatch mosquito eggs

The life expectancy for a mosquito is about two weeks, so by the time you begin to notice them and then do a walk around the yard and Tip and Toss, you should see a difference in the population within a few days after that.

Lowes Home Improvement and Home Depot also sell a variety of products that you can apply on your property to help control mosquitoes.

Always read and follow the label instructions of any pesticide.


Now go and enjoy the outside!