Mosquito Spraying Schedule


Weather permitting Public Works staff will begin spraying for mosquitoes this week beginning after 10:00 pm. Larvacide will also be applied to all standing water throughout town. Below are the areas to be sprayed along with the schedule.

Tuesday, July 14

Zone 1 is all of Coast Guard Rd. and the subdivisions (gated and non gated)

Wednesday, July 15

Zone 2 is from Coast Guard Rd. – Black Skimmer Rd. and subdivisions (North side 58)

Zone 3 is from Coast Guard Rd. – Black Skimmer Rd.  all side streets (South side 58

Thursday, July 16

Zone 4 is from Lee Ave. – White Water Dr. all side streets (North and South sides of 58)

Zone 5 is from Old Cove Rd. – Bogue Sound Dr. all side streets (North)

Sea Crest Ct. (South)  Timber trail (North)

Special precautions will be taken in the areas around bee keepers homes and other addresses that we have on file as “NO SPRAY” areas. 

A link to the product label is provided here.

Posted by Rhonda Ferebee Tuesday, July 14, 2020 12:37:00 PM Categories: News