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The News & Observer:  "Emerald Isle couple who filed lawsuit against the beach town have sold their oceanfront home"  10/14/2016

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The News & Observer:  "NC beaches belong to all"  8/29/2016

The Charlotte Observer:  "This sand is your sand.  Keep NC beaches public"  9/5/2016  "NC beaches belong to all of us.  Let's keep it that way"  9/5/2016

New Bern Sun Journal:  "Don't cut into public's access to beach"  8/19/2016 News & Record:  "Our Opinion:  Keep the beach open"  8/24/2016

Winston-Salem Journal:  "Keep full public beach access" 8/20/2016

Winston-Salem Journal:  "Railey:  Sinking my toes in the sand with McCrory and Cooper" 8/27/2016

The News & Observer:  "Who owns NC beaches?  Case puts public access in jeopardy"  8/26/2016

Star News Online:  "Don't cut into public's access to beach"  8/12/2016

The Wilson Times:  "High court must preserve public access to beach"  9/8/2016,72522