New Beach Monitoring and Maintenance Plan Adopted

BeachThe Board of Commissioners recently adopted a new, formal Beach Monitoring and Maintenance Plan that outlines the Town's commitment to future beach nourishment efforts in order to maintain a healthy, wide, protective beach strand.  The new plan replaces the Town's current plan adopted in 2003, and includes historical data, annual beach profile surveys, identifies future sand sources, establishes new "triggers" for future nourishment activities, and outlines the Town's financing plans.

The Town's current plan has been invaluable in monitoring the condition of the Town's beach strand over the years, and has enabled the Town to remain eligible for FEMA financial assistance to replace sand lost during Federally-declared disaster events.  The Town has been fortunate to receive approximately $15 million from FEMA since 2004 for such efforts.  The adoption of the new plan will maintain the Town's eligibility for future FEMA assistance.

Overall, the Town's entire beach strand is currently in good condition, and no specific beach nourishment projects are currently planned.  The Town continues to reserve room occupancy tax revenues, General Fund property tax revenues, and municipal service district property tax revenues for future nourishment efforts, and expects to have sufficient funds to implement the Beach Monitoring and Maintenance Plan.

Saturday, August 8, 2015 7:52:00 AM