November 2010


Many of the youth in Emerald Isle are very community minded. Trevor Brownlow a Croatan Senior coordinated the recent Beach and Sound Trash Pickup and volunteered at Day4Kids. At each Board meeting, one of our local students says the opening prayer and there are many other examples. Special thanks to Trevor and all of the youth give the opening prayer at Town Board meetings.

One such group is Daisy Scout Troop #3056. Lynne Meyer of Emerald Isle and Trish DuBinok Youth Volunteers Daisy Troop #3056of Cape Carteret are the leaders of this troop. Daisy scouts are girl scouts which are in kindergarten and 1st grade. This particular troop is made up of girls from Emerald Isle and Cape Carteret, and they all attend White Oak Elementary School.

The Troop meets twice a month and does crafts, games, songs, and community service. At their last meeting, they made clay pots called good deed pots and they doing good deeds for pennies. The money earned will be donated to Toys for Tots in December. They were in last year’s Emerald Isle Christmas Parade and will be in it again this year (mark your calendar for 3 PM on November 27). They also recently made gingerbread houses, thanksgiving napkin rings and place cards.

Back in September, they helped Peggy Brown and her crew at the Sand Box (garden next to the water company). They helped plant bulbs, weed, planted black eyed Susan’s, toured the sand box and learned about the different flowers planted there and the history of the making of it. Peggy Brown is the coordinator of the Sand Box project and can always use more volunteers. If you are interested in helping, give me a call and I will put you in touch with Peggy. The work of the girls, Peggy Brown, and her volunteers is much appreciated.

Be sure to come out November 19 at 6 PM to the Emerald Isle Community Center to share memories of Pete Allen. Pete passed away September 18 and was a long time Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, and Carteret County elected official and manager.

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