November 2013

I am writing this in early October. The Island Review will be distributed some time in late October. You have probably already heard that I am not running for reelection to the office of Mayor (or any office). We are fortunate to have four very good candidates that are interested in serving as Mayor of Emerald Isle. They are Ryan Ayre, Eddie Barber, Brandon Staton, and Don Wells. There will be a Mayor’s Forum on October 22 at 6:30 PM at the Community Center. If you miss the forum, I am sure the candidates will be at the Emerald Isle Community Center on “Election Day” Tuesday November 5 which is the polling spot for Emerald Isle residents. Be sure to get to know your candidates and cast your vote on November 5. We have had several elections in Carteret County decided by less than 5 votes, several by 1 vote. With four excellent candidates, I doubt if there will be a large winning margin, so be sure to cast your vote.

With four candidates, it is doubtful that anyone will get more than 50% of the vote. In that instance some towns require a runoff of the top two vote getters. In Emerald Isle (and in most towns) the candidate with the most votes will be the new Mayor even if they get fewer than 50% of the votes. Since it is very likely that a majority of the citizens will have voted for someone other than the winner, I ask everyone to get behind the winner and help him be the best Mayor possible. It takes a lot of passion, commitment, and help from the citizens to be a successful mayor.

The Emerald Isle Christmas Parade will soon be here. This is the 10th year and will take place on November 30 at 3 PM the Saturday after Thanksgiving. If you have seen the parade before, you know you don’t want to miss it; if you haven’t attended, you need to check it out. The 2nd Annual Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair will also take place on November 30 from 8 AM to 6 PM at the Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Building.

Thanksgiving weekend is definitely a great weekend to be in Emerald Isle. Starting with Thanksgiving Day, then the Friday Flotilla in Swansboro, and then on Saturday Craft Show and Parade in Emerald Isle. For information on the Parade contact Diane Schools, 252-354-2916; and for information on the craft fair contact Lainey Gottuso, 252-354-6350.

Posted by VC3 Admin Friday, November 1, 2013 10:42:00 AM