October 2008

As Mayor of Emerald Isle and Chairman of the Crystal Coast Tourism Development Authority, I get many compliments about businesses in Emerald Isle. It gives me pleasure to inform you that Sam Tyler, owner of BP Coastal Mart, was the recipient of the Carteret County Chamber of Commerce’s “Outrageous Customer Service Award”. The Chamber asks for nominations from all over the county and he is the recipient this year for the western part of the county.

Sam is one of those guys that get’s things done without a lot of fanfare. He treats everyone just like he wants to be treated and that attitude carries through with his employees as they go through their daily activities. That friendly attitude starts every morning at 5 AM when the same crowd shows up for daily social time. The “BP” station serves as a gathering point for a group that gets together every day to discuss local, national, and international topics; and probably mostly just to shoot the breeze. If you ever want to know what is going on in town, that is the place to get it. There is not that much business that early in the morning, but Sam wants to make sure that those guys have a place to start their day, every day.

Several years ago when a hurricane was approaching, I noticed that Sam was open when everybody else had closed for the approaching storm. Sam said he wanted to stay open as long as possible, because he knew that his customers would want some items in preparation of the storm. He was definitely putting his customers ahead of his business.

When I asked a long time Emerald Isle resident to tell me what he thought of Sam, he couldn’t say enough good things. He mentioned the exceptionally good customer service that Sam provides, and that Sam is one of the key people that make Emerald Isle a “community”. He truly wants to do more than his share and is a part of many worthwhile projects that help build that “community spirit”. I congratulate Sam on being such an important part of the community; and I feel fortunate to live in a town that has so many people with that same community attitude.

We sold a total of 170 bricks for the EMS Fundraiser. The first group of 120 have been installed, and the second group will probably not arrive until January 2009. The supplier has been swamped with orders and therefore the longer than expected delay in receiving the bricks. Stop by and take a look.

Posted by VC3 Admin Wednesday, October 1, 2008 2:50:00 PM