October 2009

Make plans now to spend Thanksgiving in Emerald Isle and attend the 6th Annual Emerald Isle Parade. Thanksgiving weekend is a great time to be at the beach. Celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday, Swansboro Flotilla on Friday, Emerald Isle Parade on Saturday, and great weather all weekend. The parade will start at 4 PM on Saturday November 28 at CVS and proceed along Emerald Drive to Town Hall. The Christmas Tree will be lit at Merchants Park following the parade and Santa will be at Merchant’s Park to talk to all of the kids. Please call my wife Diane Schools at 252-354-2916 if you would like to be in the parade. She is always looking for new and different entries.

What does a mayor do?

The perception ranges from “runs everything in town” to “represents the town at ribbon cuttings”. It is definitely not the first, but a lot more than the second.

The Town Ordinances say that the mayor shall 1) keep informed about town business, 2) preside over town board meetings, 3) sign contracts etc. authorized by the board of commissioners, 4) make recommendations to the commissioners, and 5) represent the town at ceremonies. I do not vote except in the case of a tie and I have only voted twice in the eight years that I have been mayor.

Mayors have a lot of leeway in North Carolina as to how they operate and a lot depends on the working relationship of the mayor with the commissioners and Town Manager. In my case, the relationship is very good, so I am able to get involved in a wide range of activities. It is important for the mayor to get involved with regional and State activities so the town can take advantage of opportunities that arise and have a hand in shaping regulations that affect the town. Therefore, I serve on boards involved with tourism, transportation, beach maintenance, water access, and the NC League of Municipalities which lobbies State government for legislation that will benefit local governments. In serving on these committees, it is important that I know how commissioners generally feel about a wide range of issues so that I can represent the town’s best interest.

My most important duty is to stay connected to the citizens, business owners, and visitors. My home phone number is 252-354-2916 and email is aschools@ec.rr.com. I am also happy to meet with you at Town Hall, but call to arrange a time since I am out a lot.

I welcome the opportunity to work with any of you that have a concern about any town issue. Many times the concern is a result of misinformation, other times a problem we need to fix, and sometimes not an issue over which the town has control. In all cases, I had much rather hear about any issues of concern when they are minor, before they have grown into big problems.

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