October 2012

I meet many visitors to our Town every year. The comments are generally the same from all. They love the “small town family beach atmosphere”, the beaches and town are very clean, etc. The following are excerpts from a letter forwarded to me by one of the local realty companies and parts of an article sent by a citizen. As always, I never try to favor one business over another, so the parts of the letter praising the realty company have been left out.

 In the past, we have always stayed in the Northern Outer Banks. We tried everything from Corolla to Hatteras Village, but never seemed to find the perfect location. We loved the beaches at Hatteras Island and the atmosphere in Duck, but hated getting to them. That is when we decided to try Emerald Isle.

 The drive down was as rough as can be expected on I-95. Once we got off the highway, it was a different story. It was about as enjoyable as it can get; driving through farm country, with no traffic, all the way to the beach! It was hard to believe that one can cross the main bridge across the sound, at 3 PM on a Saturday in early August, and not slow down or stop in traffic.

 Aside from the “small touches”, there were the natural wonders. I have never seen so many frogs or turtles in my life. Watching Ospreys bring fish daily to feed their young was awesome. The walk across the pier to the sound was breathtaking. A stroll down the beach to “the end” (where the sound began) was amazing – talk about a breathtaking sight! All that, next to a wonderful beach, less than a mile away from town. Couldn’t ask for better!

 We gave it 5 stars for everything that counted. The house, the beaches, the stroll in the development, the walk on the beach, the walk to town, and the bike path to town Unfortunately, our visit came to an end. All we could say on the way home is “why would we want to go anywhere else again?

 Also in the August issue of “PEDIATRICS”.

A recent study examined the emotional effects of different types of outdoor environments. Over two years, 2,750 adults were queried about their well-being and calmness after a visit to the seaside, countryside, or an urban park. While visits to all outdoor locations were associated with increased feelings of  well-being including calmness, enjoyment, and refreshment; visits to the shore were linked to the highest amount of positive feelings. Researchers speculate that various factors, including childhood memories or the increased exposure to light , may all play a role. A beach vacation might not only provide a scenic reprieve from daily life, but boost our happiness more than any other vacation spot.

 I hope all of you enjoy Emerald Isle as much as we do. We are sure glad we moved here 19 years ago.

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