Ordinance Adopted Allows the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages Before Noon on Sundays in Emerald Isle


The Emerald Isle Board of Commissioners at their July 11, 2017 regular meeting adopted an ordinance amending Chapter 12 – Miscellaneous Provisions - of the Code of Ordinances to specifically allow alcohol sales by Emerald Isle businesses as early as 10 am on Sundays.  The amendment was requested in response to recent changes to alcoholic beverage laws by the NC General Assembly. 

North Carolina law currently prohibits alcohol sales earlier than 12 noon on Sundays, however, the recently enacted legislation allows a city or county to specifically allow alcohol sales as early as 10 am on Sundays.  The new legislation is aimed at allowing alcohol sales at permitted restaurants and retail establishments earlier in the day to better serve customers and generate additional sales activity.  Several restaurants and retail establishments in Emerald Isle would likely benefit from the expanded sales hours.

Since the ordinance was adopted any restaurant, hotel, or retail establishment holding the appropriate ABC permit in Emerald Isle will be permitted to sell malt beverages (beer), unfortified wine, fortified wine, and mixed beverages as early as 10 am on Sunday.  The ordinance amendment (and the new legislation) applies to restaurants and retail establishments only, and does not impact the Emerald Isle ABC Store.

Posted by Rhonda Ferebee Wednesday, July 12, 2017 11:59:00 AM