Please Make Sure Your Decks Are Safe!

As widely reported in the media and by the Town, an extended family visiting Emerald Isle was injured on July 4 due to the collapse of an approximately 9 ft. by 10 ft. section of the deck floor.  The family had gathered that evening for a group picture, and a total of 24 people were treated for injuries, some very serious.

This unfortunate accident serves as an important reminder to all Emerald Isle property owners (permanent residents, second home owners, and vacation rental unit owners) to check the condition of the decks at your property in Emerald Isle.  Emerald Isle includes more than 6,700 housing units, and many of these units were originally constructed more than 25 years ago.  Additionally, the corrosive nature of the coastal environment can take a heavy toll on wood and fasteners, and it's important to routinely inspect the condition of your property and take any necessary corrective action.  There are many licensed general contractors and home inspectors in our area that would be happy to assist, along with area vacation rental companies.

In accordance with NC law, the Town inspects any new construction and significant repairs or renovations at the time the work is completed, but does not engage in routine, periodic inspections.  This responsibility ultimately falls on the property owner, although the Town's inspectors will inspect any property for which a specific complaint is received.  In an effort to assist our property owners, Town staff has prepared a simple, helpful "Citizens Guide to Deck Safety." The flyer includes a graphic illustrating typical deck construction along with illustrations of common problems and other helpful tips.

Additionally, it's important for everyone (property owners and visitors) to be mindful of the number of people gathered on a particular deck or section of deck.

If you have questions or need additional information or assistance, please contact Town Planner Josh Edmondson at 252-354-3338 or

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 4:06:00 PM