Tony Reese Police Chief

Tony was born and raised in a small ranching community in East Texas.  Following high school, he served in the United States Marine Corps from 1989 to 1994.  Tony began his career in law enforcement in January of 1995 with the Greenville Police Department and worked as a patrol officer, Field Training Officer, Tactical Patrol Officer, Investigator, Canine Handler and trainer and served as a member the department’s Emergency Response Team.  Tony began working for Emerald Isle Police Department as a part-time officer in November of 1999 and was hired full time in June of 2000 where he worked as a patrol officer, Investigator, Grant Management Officer and Internal Affairs Officer.  In January of 2006, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and served as the Chief of Detectives and Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police.  In July of 2013, Tony was promoted to the rank of Major and served as the Assistant Chief of Police until his appointment as Interim Chief in November 2016.  Tony holds an Advanced Law Enforcement Certification and a General Instructor Certification from the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission, he is a graduate of the North Carolina Justice Academy Management Development Program and serves on the Executive Board for the MDP Alumni Association.  Tony also serves as an adjunct instructor for the North Carolina Justice Academy, Coastal Carolina Community College and Carteret Community College.

Tony his wife, Cristy, and his daughter Brooke make their home in the small town of Cape Carteret; and his son, Cristopher, and his wife and two children are currently stationed at Norfolk Naval Base, Virginia.


                               Emerald Isle Neighborhood Watch Message

I want to thank each of you for the commitment, hard work and dedication that you have shown in making the Emerald Isle Neighborhood Watch Program the success that it has become.  Rather than just telling you that I know it has been successful, let me share with you some statistics that prove that what you are doing is making a difference in this community!

Since the start of the Emerald Isle Neighborhood Watch Program in January of 2014…….

  • The number certified streets have increased from 1 to over 300…

  • Crimes against persons have decreased by 25%...

  • Crimes against property have decreased by 29%…

  • Burglaries have decreased by 40%...

  • Thefts have decreased by 34%...

  • Property Damage has decreased by 22%...

  • Monetary loss due to theft and fraud has decreased by 16%...

  • Overall……crime in Emerald Isle is down 37% in just the first two years of the program!

Let me just say…….THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!  How do I know that the Neighborhood Watch Program is responsible for this?

Because the calls we receive at the police department have increased by 35% over the same time period from an average of 8500 a year to over 12,000 a year this year.  What does that mean???............

When YOU see something…..YOU are saying something!

You ARE making a difference in the quality of life and safety of this community and we need you to continue by:

REMAINING alert to what it going on around you and in your neighborhood.

ENCOURAGING your neighbors, renters and guest to get involved, be aware and report suspicious activity.

POSTING the Quick Reference List (QRL) somewhere visible in your home to remind everyone!

ATTENDING Coffee with a COP, Police Educating the Public (PEP) and Neighborhood Watch Program events to stay informed as to what is happening in the community.

INFORMING others about Neighborhood Watch and inviting them to become a part of it.

REPORTING any suspicious activity or behavior you see to the Emerald Isle Police Department.

Together we can REPAIR the effects that criminals have on a community!  You have proven that!!!!