September 18, 2000

Planning Board

Town of Emerald Isle Planning Board

Minutes of Regular Meeting

Monday, September 18, 2000

The Meeting was called to order by Chairman, Cary Harrison at 7:00 P.M. Members present were: Chairman Harrison, Ceil Saunders, Frank Vance, Phil Almeida, David Schock, George McLaughlin and Ed Dowling. Others attending: Carol Angus, Secretary; James W. Taylor, Building Inspector; Pete Allen, Town Manager.

Minutes of Regular Meeting of August 21, 2000 – were approved with correction to page 2 to delete "he" in first sentence of second paragraph; and, to change the word "source" to "obstacle" (1) one page 2, paragraph 5. Also, to delete "then to the Town Board for discussion at a monthly meeting" in last paragraph on page 3. Motion to approve the minutes, as corrected, was made by Phil Almeida, second by Frank Vance, with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.

Report from Town Manager – Mr. Pete Allen gave the members a brief summary of the items before the Town Board of Commissioners for their regular meeting of September 12, 2000.

Report from Building Inspector – Mr. James Taylor advised the board that the dollar value assessed for August permits to be in excess of $900,000.00. There were 4 new construction starts for single-family dwellings for the month.

Chairman Harrison asked that Item D under Old Business, Discussion of letter to be presented to Board of Commissioners regarding the rezoning of some areas of RMH zoning to R2 zoning, be tabled until the October 17th meeting. The reason for the request is that "it is not quite a finished topic". Motion to table this agenda item until October was made by Phil Almeida, second by Ed Dowling with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.

Before proceeding with Old Business, Chairman Harrison advised the representatives that at the Board of Commissioners meeting on September 12, that a moratorium placed on any issuance of permits in B-3 zones until the results of the recently contracted engineering studies can be examined. There will be a special meeting held on Monday, September 25, 2000 at 7:00 for the purpose of Public Comment on this issue.



  1. Commercial Review of Watson Hotel corner of Emerald, Islander, and Reed Drives, Block 41 – Mr. Ken Burnette, Will Riedel of Burnette Architects & Planning and Mr. Ronnie O. Watson were representing this project. Mr. Harrison asked Mr. Almeida for any comments he had regarding the stormwater plan.

    Mr. Harrison asked Mr. Almeida for any comments he had regarding the stormwater plan. Mr. Almeida said he would like additional information of the elevations, both original and finished, of the site to determine that there will be no accumulation of water in the area. He felt there were not enough elevations along the property line to show that the water will be retained on the property.

    Mr. Harrison advised that, if there were to be an off premise sign for the project, and if there were, where it will be located, size of the sign and in what zone. Mr. Almeida felt that something should be done about the water problems at Reed Dr and Islander Dr.

    Town Manager, Pete Allen, advised that the Town will probably approach this problem in the new future with 1 to 4 catch basins in the intersection. They would be piped to the ditches to be lowered to contain the water. Mr. Harrison asked Mr. Taylor, Building Inspector, if the patios, as indicated, can encroach into the setbacks. Mr. Taylor advised this is allowed, as long as the encroachment is not covered by a roof.

    Motion to proceed with this project to Review Committee on Sept. 20 was made by Ceil Saunders, second by Phil Almeida with unanimous approval in favor of the Motion.

    Because Mr. Ronnie Watson will be out of town for the Review Committee meeting On Wednesday, he was asked if he had any comments. Mr. Watson said he wanted to do a project that will be a credit to the town and was looking forward to begining. There was a drawing of the proposed hotel and surroundings that will be available at the review committee meeting.

    Mr. Gus Farmakidis asked to be heard regarding this project and was recognized by Chairman Harrison. Mr. Farmakidis said he did not know this item was going to be on the agenda, but he had something to say. He said somewhere he read that in a hotel, one room used ten times or one hundred times the water that a normal house uses. It generates ten times to one hundred times the amount of garbage that one single family house uses. The aquifer is being reduced and your going to put these things in there, 58 rooms. Don’t even consider all this water it’s going to use? The aquifer is being reduced, there’s all kinds of stuff in the paper. Is this all BULL.

    Your telling me the dumps are being filled up and this will generate so much more trash. This should be stopped, no one says a word about this. Is the aquifer just a renewable source? He doesn’t understand this and he doesn’t think we should allow stuff like this. That’s his water, and when it goes what happens to it? These guys take all the money, at his expense. That’s great that they pay more taxes, but how about the water? The water is significant, not their taxes.

    Mr. Harrison advised that this is a renewable aquifer.

    Mr. Faramakidis asked about the articles in the paper that say eastern Carolina is having tremendous with all that. That aquifer goes way down. He is sorry, but he really disagrees with this thing. For what good, not for his good, always for someone else’s good. How about the aquifer and that trash. You just doubled the trash and filled the dumps.

  2. Reed Drive Commercial Park S/D, Preliminary Plat, Block 42 Southwest corner of Emerald Drive and Coast Guard Road - Mr. Alan Bell and Mr. John McLean, in attendance to represent this project. Mr. McLean advised that they and appeared before the Review Committee and some changes were requested and radius’ were to be redrawn. He thought this would result in an informal return to Review committee. He didn’t realize he must return to Planning Board every time to return to Review Committee. The items that were addressed have been changed. There is 12’ wide pavement as opposed to 10’ wide for the one-way street among other things.

    Mr. Harrison said he hoped Mr. McLean and Mr. Watson (property owner) understood the driving force behind the traffic studies being done for that area. The Town wants to provide the infrastructure for a major intersection. The Town is not trying to impede your project or what you plan to do.

    Mr. McLean said he understands the Town’s concern, but hoped they did not drag their feet and will be done in a timely manner.

    Mr. Harrison said that the Town had opted to hire two firms to look at this area rather than wait for a free resource from DOT and not have any idea of when it might be returned. He went on to advise of a Special Meeting being held on September 25, 2000 to issue a moratorium on new commercial projects until this study can be reviewed in depth.

    Mr. Almeida asked Mr. McLean why a 1991 survey was being used for this project.

    Mr. McLean said that the topography does not change that much and to do it over again it would cost thousands of dollars when topos don’t change that much.

    Mr. Almeida said that wetlands might change.

    McLean responded that he may be correct.

    Mr. Almeida has concerns about the one-way traffic exiting on to Coast Guard Rd. The one-way traffic street width and pavement width is not defined anywhere in the ordinances.

    Mr. Taylor said that with the proposal as it is shown there would be 12’ of pavement, which is two feet more than half of a two-way street for one lane. (Two way Street has minimum 20’ pavement).

    Mr. McLean had no real response to Mr. Almeida’s question other than that maybe the trucks take the exit road to enter to avoid the blind curve. He said he and Mr. Bell will "revisit" if that is necessary. Mr. McLean advised that if this is a paved city street the town will receive Powell Bill funding whether it is one-way or two-way.

    Mr. McLaughlin said he would like to see, on the map, where the entrance to Pebble Beach is located and where the access to Reed Drive is located.

    Mr. Allen told the board that the traffic studies should be available by the end of the month. He is personally going to pick up one of the studies on Thursday, September 28, 2000.

    Mr. Taylor, building inspector, asked that the portion of the wetland that will be filled must be redesignated to create the new wetland for the tradeoff. Mr. McLean said it will be immediately adjacent to the existing wetland.


  3. Sea Turtle and Sandfence Awareness – Mr. Frank Vance gave a detailed breakdown on the proposed sea turtle/sandfence/lighting awareness program. He submitted a very well written proposal broken down into a number of different aspects. First and foremost is to let the public be aware through rental brochures, newsletters, website, signage, stickers on light switches, cost factors, etc. Mass mailings would also be a way to let just the oceanfront owners be aware of the project. This proposal will be forwarded to the Town Board of Commissioners for their review at their October meeting. Motion to recommended this proposal to the Town Board for their October meeting was made by David Schock, second by George McLaughlin with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.

    (Previously tabled)

  4. Discussion of letter to be presented to Board of Commissioners regarding the rezoning of some areas of RMH to R-2 zoning. Mr. Harrison asked that this issue be held until the October meeting because the letter had not yet been done as a final draft.
  5. Recommendation of Wireless Communications Ordinance – Mr. Harrison was commended by the board for all the time he has spent on this ordinance and the second draft. Mr. Harrison said he had spent nine months on this ordinance. He advised that Carteret Craven EMC had sent him a plat of Emerald Isle that shows every pole that could be used for communications antennas. His map being presented to the Town Board will indicate the air accesses, the water towers, power/utility poles, etc. Motion to recommend the Wireless Communications draft to the Town Board for their October meeting was made by George McLaughlin second by Ceil Saunders, with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.


There being no further business before the board, motion was made to adjourn by David Schock, second by Phil Almeida with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.

8:15 P.M.

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