September 2004

I hope everyone has had a great summer, and is ready to have a great fall. With the Dog Days Celebration and the first Emerald Isle Triathlon (both on 9/25); and the Seafood Festival and a Motorhome Rally at Holiday Trav-L-Park (both first weekend in October), the fall season is off to a great start.

As we all know, tourism is very important to the Carteret County economy. The Seafood Festival started many years ago with a small group of people that wanted to draw more people to the Crystal Coast during the fall season. Through the efforts of that small group and the efforts of many people that have followed, the Seafood Festival is the biggest drawing festival in the county. But remember it started small.

The Dog Days Celebration, Triathlon, and Motorhome Rally are all events that have a lot of potential to bring tourists to our area. We will never have the crowds in the fall that we have in July, but if we could double our September and October visitors, the business owners would love it, and the average citizen would not notice any difference.

The Dog Days Celebration and the Triathlon are joint efforts of the Emerald Isle Business Association and the Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Department. I am confident that they will be very successful events for many years to come. For information on either of these events, check out or call Parks and Recreation at 252-354-6350. I applaud the many people in both of these organizations that are hard at work on theses events.

I want to go into a little more detail on the Motorhome Rally because it is a great example of a couple working for the benefit of others. The Motorhome Rally is being organized by Jim and Ruth Pearce, long-time Motorhome Rally participants, and long-time Emerald Isle residents. The event is expected to draw 40 motorhomes. Jim and Ruth are putting a lot of work into the event to make sure all participants have a good time. Their rewards from this project will be (1) introducing the Crystal Coast to their fellow motorhomer's, (2) seeing the participants spread the word about the Crystal Coast as a great place to visit, and (3) bringing a little extra business to our business community.

There are many family reunions, college reunions, church reunions, etc., that are organized by Emerald Isle property owners. The Motorhome Rally organized by Jim and Ruth Pearce is a good example of such an event. Emerald Isle has many citizens and non-resident property owners that give their time and money for the benefit of our community (Emerald Isle and Carteret County). We are fortunate to have great natural beauty, but our greatest asset is our great people. I thank all of you for your efforts.

Posted by VC3 Admin Wednesday, September 1, 2004 4:33:00 PM