September 2005

We have been getting a lot of questions lately about the new addition to Emerald Isle's skyline that you can see as you come over the bridge. Some say it looks like a big wine glass, and others refer to it as the Olympic Torch. Actually it is the new water tower being constructed in a corner of Emerald Woods Park.

The tank is being constructed by the Bogue Banks Water Company, and they hope to have it operational by spring 2006. They were hoping for an earlier date, but construction was delayed by about a year, because of the short supply of steel needed to construct the tower. It seems that much of the U. S. steel production is being shipped out of the country. All other materials for the project seem to be available, so no additional delays are anticipated.

The tank when complete will be 137 feet tall and hold 500,000 gallons of water. For a water system to work properly, all of the tanks need to be the same height above sea level. In the case of the Emerald Isle system, each tower is 159 feet above sea level. Because of some tanks being on higher ground than others, the actual height of the three  tanks vary by as much as 7 feet.

Many of you located past the Park on Coast Guard Road have experienced the low water pressure first hand. The addition of the new water tower should alleviate that problem. The problem is most severe in the summer when most of the homes are occupied and there is a lot of water usage. Since we are now past the peak summer period, I would expect that water pressure for Coast Guard Road homes has improved considerably over the last month. It should be even better when the new tower comes online.

Also, the new water tower will help insure that the Town of Emerald Isle retains its excellent ISO Class 4 fire rating. One of the requirements to retain that rating is to maintain a flow rate of 1,200 gallons per minute at each fire hydrant. As new homes are added along Coast Guard Road, it would be impossible to meet the flow rate requirements without the new water tower. The cost of homeowner's insurance would increase substantially if we were unable to retain the ISO Class 4 rating. We are fortunate that the Bogue Banks Water Company is being proactive by taking steps to meet the flow rate needs.

Please join me in thanking the Bogue Banks Water Company for providing us with quality water service. 

Posted by VC3 Admin Thursday, September 1, 2005 4:14:00 PM