September 2008

The EMS Brick Fundraiser ended August 29, with a total of 170 bricks. EMS and the Town appreciate the many generous individuals that participated in the Fundraiser. It was a great way to raise money for EMS, honor individuals past and present, and provide a way for “citizens/property owners/visitors” to be a part of the project. The walkway should be complete by mid/late September, so please stop by and take a look. The money will be spent on additional equipment/furnishings for the new EMS station.

Coastal Carolina Regional Airport  (CCRA)– The name of the New Bern airport has been officially changed to Coastal Carolina Regional Airport ( to better reflect the area that it serves. Recent studies showed that over 60% of the passengers were headed from/to destinations outside of Craven County. Although most vacationers still arrive by car, we have seen a significant increase in vacationers to the Crystal Coast as flights have increased. CCRA has up to10 daily non-stop flights to Atlanta, Charlotte, and Philadelphia; with one-stop connections to over 300 destinations worldwide. On the flip side, that means there are 300 cities that can get to us with one-stop connections. Years ago someone said “5,000 ft of pavement will allow you to go one mile; but 5,000 feet of runway allows you to connect with the world”. CCRA has 6,000 feet of runway and is a first class facility.

The renaming of the airport is important to me, because I have always thought we should be working together as a region. The Crystal Coast has become known as a popular tourist destination, but it is even more popular when combined with the history of the New Bern area. The airport marketing campaigns use the tag line “Gateway to NC’s Crystal Coast”. I am hopeful that the Crystal Coast Tourism Authority and the Coastal Carolina Regional Airport will be able to help each other in their marketing efforts.

National news media indicate that air travel is down in many areas because of high fuel prices, etc. So far, traffic in and out of CCRA has been holding steady. We are anticipating an increase in traffic over the next couple of years because of the significant troop buildup at Cherry Point, which will result in more dependents, and businesses to serve them so hopefully we will see even more flights.

Spread the word on the Coastal Carolina Regional Airport. The more people that know about the great services offered there, the more people that will use it. 

Posted by VC3 Admin Monday, September 1, 2008 2:57:00 PM