September 2010

Louise Rhodes and Pete Allen – two long time Emerald Isle fixtures

Many of you have seen Louise walking on the beach or Ocean Drive and may not know her name. She is the young 91 year old that walks 5 miles a day (2.5 in the morning and 2.5 in the afternoon), swinging her arms, carries a bag of dried fruit, with a set of earphones in her ears. On the weekend of August 28, her relatives and friends got together to celebrate her 91st birthday. I always marvel at how active and alert she is. She attends just about all town board meetings and is always in our Christmas Parade (mark your calendars now for the parade on November 27 at 3 PM. We are also looking for new parade entries, so email Diane Schools at if you have an entry). Louise is a friend to everyone and certainly someone Diane and I always enjoy seeing.

Pete Allen has been around a long time (I think since early 1980’s). He has had businesses in Emerald Isle and has served as Mayor, Town Manager, and Commissioner in that order. Pete has always been a great supporter of Emerald Isle and once made the comment “I am the best PR man Emerald Isle ever had”. I certainly agree with that and thank Pete for all of the wonderful things he did for Emerald Isle over the years.

Pete has written a book “Just Plain Pete, My Life, My Memories” which was published in August 2010. It is available at the Emerald Isle Book Store in Emerald Plantation. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and for those that have known Pete or had contact with Pete over the years, I think you will enjoy it also. It is an assimilation of stories from different times in his life and is definitely “Just Plain Pete”.

Pete has had some health issues for several years now, but even with those issues has remained very active in Emerald Isle and throughout the county. Even when he is feeling bad, he always projects that smiling helpful image. Ends every conversation with “let me know if there is anything I can do to help you”, when we are the ones that should be offering to help him. He has recently moved to Snug Harbor in Sea Level and would welcome your cards and letters. His mailing address is Pete Allen, Snug Harbor on Nelson Bay, 272 Highway 70 East, PO Box 150, Sea Level, NC 28577. By now, I am sure he has made friends with every one there, resident and staff. That is “Just Plain Pete”.

Posted by VC3 Admin Wednesday, September 1, 2010 12:38:00 PM