September 2015

It is difficult to believe that it is September already. I hope everyone had a great summer. It was a very busy three months at Emerald Isle. We had a lot of visitors and from all reports from our businesses it was a great summer. September is still a wonderful month to enjoy the beach and to bask in the warm sun, the water and to enjoy the cooler nights at the beach. September is one of my favorite months at Emerald Isle.

September means back to school, football games, great fishing and the changing from summer to fall. As our children and youth go back to school, I encourage our citizens to obey the speed limits and to watch out for the school buses. Sometimes we all get impatient driving behind a school bus. But remember they are carrying our wonderful children. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who works in our Public School System. I thank you for your service, leadership, commitment and dedication. All too often we take our public educators for granted. Thanks for a job well done! I would also like to encourage our community to become involved in our schools. Volunteer to read in a reading program or to help a student that might need additional help. Show your support for our youth by attending an athletic event at a Middle School or High School. It is so much fun attending a football game on Friday night or a soccer game or any other athletic event.

September also brings the threat of a Hurricane. Closely monitor the watches and warnings from the National Hurricane Center and the National Weather Service. We will keep you informed by our emails from the town in the event of a hurricane.  It is the Town of Emerald Isle’s goal to return residents, property owners, and business owners back to the Island as quickly and safely as possible after an evacuation. The Hurricane Re-Entry Permit Program is a tool that facilitates that goal by maximizing security while providing authorized persons the quickest possible access to their properties.  The cost for permanent re-entry permits is $25. Please check to make sure you have your permanent permit on hand.  To purchase new or additional permits please visit the Town Administration Building located at 7509 Emerald Drive during our office hours, Monday through Friday, 8 am-5pm or call the office at 252-354-3424.  Carteret County Emergency Services also provides special medical care and / or help during disasters. To obtain a Carteret County Special Needs Registry Form please click here. This form should be completed well in advance of impending disasters.

The weather is still great and the water is fantastic. Have a great month of September.



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Wednesday, September 23, 2015 1:09:00 PM