Soggy Sunday Challenge presented by Emerald Owl Productions

Sunday, October 23, 2016
2:30 PM
3:30 PM
Western Ocean Regional Access, Emerald Isle, NC
Have you ever wanted to do a polar jump, but it is just TOO cold? Have you ever been at a formal event near a pool and thought to yourself "It would be so fun if someone got thrown in right about now?"

Emerald Owl Productions is putting together an easy, yet fun fundraiser to raise money for the following causes:

1) Emerald Isle police officers Mark Odom & Tom Duty

2) Hannah's Hope, a local Carteret County charity (

All it involves is showing up at the beach access at 2:30 on Sunday, October 23rd ready to jump into the ocean........with one big change to your regular beach attire!

The fun is they are challenging people to wear their Sunday's best! Get as dressed up as possible, hair done, make up perfect..., and everyone will run into the ocean at once! Find an old suit, bridesmaid dress, wedding dress, business attire, or going out attire! You can always go to a Thrift shop if needed.

They will have some small cash prizes for the people who are best dressed for the run into the ocean! Yes, you have to go ALL the way in to be eligible to win!

They will also have a pet category if you want to dress up your dog for the challenge!

Recommended donations are $10.00 per person or $30.00 for family of 4 or more!

Sign up early on-line and have a chance to win $50 cash at the event!

Please go ahead and make your donation now at the ticket site below! Bring your ticket with you to be eligible for the prizes.