STEADY PROGRESS TOWARD RECOVERY - Update #20 - Thursday, Sept 20 - 6 pm


Thursday Night is Final Night of Curfew -  10 pm - 6 am 

Thursday night will be the final night of the Town-wide curfew, which will be in effect from 10 pm Thursday night until 6 am Friday morning.  It is illegal to move around Emerald Isle or leave your property during the curfew hours.  Residents and property owners should remain on your own property between 10 pm and 6 am, and non-residents and contractors may only be in Emerald Isle until 10 pm tonight.  Beginning at 6 am Friday, there are no further restrictions related to Hurricane Florence in Emerald Isle.

Power Restoration Efforts Continue

As of early Thursday morning, approximately 84% of Carteret-Craven Electric customers in Emerald Isle had power restored.  This contrasts with approximately 50% of Carteret-Craven's total customer base in its entire service area.  Power crews remain hard at work in Emerald Isle, and we are hopeful that all power customers will be restored very soon. 

Best Travel Route is Now I-40 to NC 24

The Town has learned that US 70 is now closed in Kinston due to rising waters in the Neuse River.  However, it is now possible to travel from the Raleigh area to Emerald Isle via I-40 and NC 24.  Please note that road conditions can change quickly, so please heed State and local advisories and warnings.  

Coast Guard Road Now Open to All Vehicles

Flood waters have been mostly cleared from Coast Guard Road, and it is now possible for nearly all vehicles to travel all the way to The Point.  The 5 deployed storm water pumps made great progress overnight, and the road has been open since Thursday morning. 

Significant Flooding Remains in Lands End

The Lands End subdivision continues to struggle with significant flooding, despite continuous pumping of storm water for the past week.  Many homes remain inaccessible by motor vehicles due to ponds spilling over the road. Town staff are attempting to secure additional high-power pumps to augment pumping efforts already underway.     

Storm Water Pumping Continues, More Pumps Arrive

The Town's primary focus remains the resolution of storm water flooding concerns, and continues efforts to pump significant floodwaters from various neighborhoods.

Flooding concerns have been resolved in the areas served by the Osprey Ridge and Conch Court fixed storm water pumps, and the Island Circle fixed pump has mostly cleared Coast Guard Road in this area.  There is still some street flooding in Spinnakers Reach, but the two fixed pumps in this area continue to make progress.  The two pumps in Lands End continue to operate.  Unfortunately, the Deer Horn Drive fixed pump has failed, and this failure has temporarily halted pumping by the nearby Doe Drive fixed pump. The Town will place a portable pump on Deer Horn Drive this evening, and the placement of this pump will enable the Town to re-start the Doe Drive fixed pump.    

The Town has currently deployed portable pumps to the following locations:  Loblolly Street (ocean side), Connie Street (2 pumps), Reed Drive near West Seaview (2 pumps), Ocean Drive near Doe Drive, Heverly Drive cul-de-sac, Janell Drive cul-de-sac, Ocean Drive near Fairfax (2 pumps), and Cape Emerald.  Three additional pumps are being deployed this evening at Ocean Drive near Hurst Drive, on Deer Horn Drive (at the pond, noted above), and on Sound Drive near Island Harbor Marina.  The Town expects to take delivery of an additional 3 pumps later this evening or tomorrow morning, and these pumps will likely be deployed on Ocean Drive in the 5400 - 6000 block and on Ocean Drive near Deer Horn Drive.  Unfortunately, an additional 5 pumps have experienced some degree of mechanical failure, and Town staff and a team from the NC Forest Service are attempting to repair these pumps to place them back into service as quickly as possible.  

The Town continues to work hard to address the most significant storm water flooding issues, and is now operating or supporting a total of 28 storm water pumps, with 3 more expected to be added later this evening or tomorrow.  We continue to make gradual progress on storm water flooding issues, however, we are dealing with an extreme amount of rainfall that has never occurred in Emerald Isle in one event before.  The Town received approximately 24 inches of rainfall, which equates a 1 in 1,000 year rainfall event.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding!  We continue to work hard to resolve the storm water flooding issues! 

Avoid Contact With Standing Water

Much of Emerald Isle is remains impacted by flood waters or standing waters in residential yards, many of which include on-site wastewater systems.  Residents are advised to avoid contact with standing water if at all possible, and if contact can not be avoided, wash affected body parts and clothing soon after exposure.  

Flood waters or standing waters may contain potentially dangerous materials, such as sewage and chemicals.  Exposure to flood waters can also cause infections or result in injuries.  Buildings or facilities that have been damaged by or exposed to flood waters may also pose health risks from mold, chemicals, electrical hazards, and displaced animals.  Please visit the Centers for Disease Prevention (CDC) website for cautionary steps to take under these conditions - . 

Volunteer Help Welcome to Clean Our Beach

The Town has not yet begun clean-up efforts on the beach strand, and there remains significant debris on the beach strand.  Additionally, many beach access walkways are damaged, and some may not be accessible for use.  Please be careful when visiting the beach strand!

The Town welcomes any volunteer assistance to clean our beautiful beach strand, and is aware of many volunteers doing just that!  Thank you for your efforts to consolidate debris piles to enable quicker and more efficient colllection.  We welcome additional efforts to collect debris from the beach strand and consolidate it in neat piles at the base of the dune escarpment. You don't need to coordinate with anyone - just start placing debris in piles, and we'll make sure it gets cleaned up as soon as possible.

Initial Debris Collection Efforts Begin, IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Those Beginning Clean-Up Activities

The Town's contractor has begun collecting construction and demolition debris with one truck, and will expand operations to 4 trucks on Friday.  Initial collection activities are focused on eastern Emerald Isle.

The Town's contractor will be collecting construction and demolition debris, discarded furnishings, and vegetative debris, and Town staff will be collecting discarded appliances. Collection efforts will likely continue for the next several weeks, and we will be working hard to have EI back to normal as quickly as possible.   

As property owners begin cleaning up their property from Florence's damage, please help us complete the collection of debris in the most efficient and safe manner. 

  • please create SEPARATE piles at the street edge, 
  • please create one pile for vegetative debris (trees and limbs), one pile for construction and demolition debris (shingles, siding, plywood, studs, etc.), and one pile for discarded furnishings (carpet, furniture, large personal items),
  • tree and limb debris segments should be no longer than 12 feet, 
  • please place discarded appliances in a separate location at the street edge,
  • please avoid placing piles directly under power lines and other overhead utility lines, as this may present a safety hazard to collection crews, may result in a slower collection process, and may hinder power restoration crews.

The Town's debris contractors will be working as diligently as possible to remove debris from Emerald Isle, and your patience is appreciated. Please note that it is illegal to burn debris within the Town. 

Emerald Isle-Area Tree Services

Absolutely Professional Home



C Gull Tree Service

Atlantic Beach


Collins Tree Services



Hampton's Tree Service



Scott's Stump Grinding



Settle Tree Service



Be Careful When Selecting Repair Contractors

Emerald Isle residents and property owners are advised to be careful when selecting repair contractors, and perform adequate background and reference checks to insure you are dealing with a reputable company or repairman.  It is always helpful to secure multiple price quotes and compare contractors.  

Drone Videos Available For Viewing

Town volunteers have filmed various areas of Emerald Isle to allow our property owners to view damage in your neighborhood.  To view the currently available videos, please visit .  Video of additional areas will be added as it becomes available, subject to volunteer availability.

Town Services, Other Information

The normal trash collection schedule is now in effect, and ocean side trash will be collected on Friday.   

The Town Administration Building is open during normal business hours (8 am - 5 pm).

The Community Center is now open during normal business hours, however, all classes are cancelled this week.  Blue Heron Park tennis courts remain closed.  

All Town meetings and events from September 17 - 23 are cancelled.   

The Town has not yet made a decision on the Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival, scheduled for Saturday, September 29.  We will assess our progress this weekend, and a decision on our community's readiness for this great annual event will be made no later than Monday.  

Beach Profile Survey Work Continues

The County's and the Town's beach profile surveying team continues work to determine how much sand was lost from Emerald Isle's beaches as a result of Florence.  These calculations will be used to develop the Town's forthcoming claim for FEMA assistance to restore lost sand via a planned beach nourishment project this coming winter.  The Town was fortunate to receive FEMA assistance for sand lost during Hurricanes Isabel, Ophelia, and Irene, and is expected to also be eligible for assistance related to Hurricane Florence. 

To view a preliminary assessment of the beach erosion along Bogue Banks by the Carteret County Shore Protection Office, please visit . 

Town of Emerald Isle Updates on Hurricane Florence Will Now Be Daily

The Town will now provide one daily update about our recovery efforts, and the daily update will generally be distributed in late afternoon or early evening hours.  

Stay Informed!

The Town works hard to keep our residents, property owners, and visitors well-informed, and offers several platforms.

To receive the most current information from the Town of Emerald Isle, please:

- visit the Town's website at , 

- check the Town's Facebook page at Town of Emerald Isle, NC

- follow the Town's Twitter feed: @townemeraldisle

- sign up for the Town's email newsletter at , 

- sign up for text message alerts at , and/or

- download the Emerald Isle APP at Google Play and The APP Store (search for "emerald isle nc") and enable "push" notifications.

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