Summer Day Camp

Registration Lottery 2016:

Emerald Isle Parks & Recreation takes great pride in the Summer Day Camp program offered to children ages 6-12 each summer. 

For 2016, a lottery system will be in place for registration. NO CAMPING OUT REQUIRED!

  • Registration forms must be turned in between 8am on April 25th 2016 and 12pm on May 2nd  2016.

  • Only one registration form required per family.

  • Parents/Guardians are required to complete an online profile on our new website: . An online account must be completed in order to enroll your child. Should you fail to complete a profile before Tuesday, May 3rd 2016, you will lose your space. If your child was enrolled in Summer Day Camp last year, your account will still be active and you will not need to create a duplicate!

  • Staff from Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation will conduct the lottery on Tuesday, May 3rd 2016 and parents will be contacted accordingly.

  •  A $25 per week deposit will be DUE by Friday, May 6th. We hope this will expedite the procedure even more. Failure to pay the deposit by this time will result in the loss of the child’s space in camp, and next on the waiting list will be offered the spot.

 Registration documents will be available at the link below beginning April 25th 2016.  Camp operates from 7:30am until 5:30pm Monday through Friday during all 8 weeks of camp.  The fee for each themed week of camp is $75 and includes breakfast and lunch; per diem fees for field trips apply throughout the week.   Membership to Emerald Isle Parks & Recreation Community Center is not mandatory. 

 Print registration form  

Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Summer Day Camp Program Mission: Is to provide both entertaining and educating activities for children 6-12, where activities are facilitated in a safe, fun environment by means that are structured and well supervised.  Activities will provide enrichment for children and community. 

Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Summer Day Camp Program Objective: Is to reach out into the community and neighboring communities to encourage children and parents to see Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Summer Day Camp as a place for children to interact with one another, learn valuable lessons in communication, develop teamwork skills, enhance physical condition, provide avenues for creative endeavors and present the children with opportunities to give back to the community.  

Contact Sarah Cutillo  at 252-354-6350 or scutillo@emeraldisle-nc.orgVisit beginning in April for updates, field trip information, and per diem fee information and just for fun!

Maximum registration per session is 28 campers.

After Lottery  Registration Procedure:
Should all camper spaces not be filled during the lottery, Summer Day Camp registration will remain open until all spaces are filled.  Please contact the Program Supervisor at  A waiting list for each session is available and typically utilized.

Important Information:

  • Children ages 6-12 (Age 5 if they have completed kindergarten)*
  • 28 Children maximum per session
  • Children are split into 2 age groups:  Ages 6-8 & Ages 9-12 but will occasionally be together as one large group.
  • Camp hours strictly 7:30am-5:30pm
  • Membership is not required
  • 8 Themed weeks of summer day camp
  • Each themed week = $75 per child includes breakfast and lunch.
  •  CASH Per diem fees apply for field trips each week!
  • $25 deposit is due Friday, May 5th
  • Refunds are only given for cancellations made 2 weeks prior to the week of camp in question.  No refunds will be given for last minute cancellations and we cannot make exceptions.
  • IMPORTANT!   We do not fall under the North Carolina State guidelines for childcare and we only keep records for the current school year.  Our Tax ID number is 56-0937046 if you choose to claim the SDC fees paid.  If you need a copy of the fees paid, please visit your online account to keep track of your transactions. WE DO NOT PROVIDE TAX TIME INFORMATION!

What to Send to Camp:

  • Unless otherwise stated, send one snack daily.
  • Water bottle filled with WATER is required every day.
  • Cash per diems that are due.
  • Sunscreen!!! Please apply before sending to camp and send a bottle for reapplication.
  • If swimsuits, towels and water shoes are required it will be listed on that days agenda.

What to Wear to Camp:

  • Sneakers are MANDATORY everyday
  • Camp t-shirts MUST be worn on field trips
  • Camp clothing - don't send them in their best attire. Camp is messy!
  • Children without sneakers and camp t-shirts will be sent home.

Camp T-shirts:

  • Mandatory for field trips
  • You will be supplied with 1 (one) camp t-shirt
  • Additional t-shirts are available for purchase at $8 each

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures:

  • Parent/Guardian must accompany the camper into camp EACH morning
  • Camp drop off time begins (center opens) at 7:30am, arrivals before 7:30am will not be allowed into the building until 7:30am.
  • Campers should arrive by 9am, unless departure for a field trip is prior to 9am
  • Pick up time is 5:30am; late = $10 for the first five minutes and $5 per minute after.

Field Trips:

  • Only CASH is accepted for per diem fees
  • Please bring exact change
  • Checks are not accepted for field trips
  • Field trips fees cannot be combined with session payment
  • Per diem must be paid before field trip. Any child who’s per diem has not been paid will not be able to attend and will stay back with the other group. If both groups are attending the field trip, the child must be picked up from camp.

Pool Days:

  • Send child in their swimsuit (under their clothing) with sunscreen applied
  • Pack their pool bag with:
    • Towel
    • Additional sunscreen
    • Flip flops/ water shoes

What Not to Send:

  • Cellular telephones - in the event of an emergency a staff member will contact you
  • Ipod/MP3 Players, etc
  • Electronic game devices
  • Toys from home!

Basic Rules of Discipline:

  • No unruly behavior.
  • No abusive or foul language.
  • Children must respect:
    • Counselors
    • Facilities
    • Peers
    • Themselves
    • Field trip facilitators
    • Everyone!

NO Violence:
Conversations about the following as well as drawn pictures are prohibited:

  • Guns
  • Violence
  • Killing
  • Fighting

Children who participate in violent actions/drawings/conversations will be sent home for the day.

Physical Altercations:

  • Will NOT be tolerated. Should an incident occur the following procedure will be followed:
    • Parents will be called to pick up their child immediately.
    • Second occurrence results in immediate dismissal (No refund, No exceptions).

House Rules:

  • Keep all body parts to yourself! Hands, feet, legs, hair, mouth, nose.. all of it.
  • Walk in the hallways and classroom
  • Refrain from rough housing or unruly behavior
  • Sit in chairs with bottom in the seat and all four chair legs on the floor.
  •  Do not sit on the tables.
  • Always ask permission before leaving the group, even to go to the bathroom.

Disciplinary Actions:

Offenses occurring within same day of camp (does not include physical altercations, see above):

  • First offense: Warning will be given.
  • Second offense: Time out - parents will be notified.
  • Third offense: Parent will be called to pick up their child immediately (NO Refund)

*If a child continues to cause disrupt of any kind or continues to disobey camp rules, they will be dismissed from camp for any length of time, a day, a week, or the rest of the summer. Length of dismissal is at the discretion of the Camp Director and approved by the Program Supervisor and is not negotiable.  NO Refund.

Points of Contact:

  • Summer Day Camp Director is your point of contact for questions or issues.
  • You should accompany your child into the building EVERY day to touch base with the staff, pay field trips fees, read the message board, etc.
  • Message board should be read daily.
  • Summer Day Camp staff has been hired because they are the best candidates to care for your children. We have full faith in them. 


2016 Summer Camp Weekly Breakdown


Session 1 * June 20th – June 24th 2016 *Jump Into Summer*

Schools out for the summer! Let’s jump right in to having fun! No lesson plans or homework this week!  We’ll hurdle over the bridge to Fuzzy Peach for a cold treat before leaping on over to Defy Gravity for some fun. We’ll bounce, vault, spring, and jump at Jump in Jax, play at a park or two, then end the week with a movie and trip to the beach. It’s sure to be a jolt of fun!


Cash per diems: Approximately $36 (per diems and field trips are subject to change)

Session 2 * June 27th - July 1st * Sports Extravaganza*

Sports! Sports! Sports! That’s the never ending theme for this week! There’s not a sport we aren’t willing to try! We’ll join Mr. Nicholas Bailey for a great sports program, hit the green at Emerald Forest Putt Putt, and do some open bowling at Bowlarena! We’ll tumble on over to Cedar Point Gymnastics, and take a then dive on over to Starhill Pool. You won’t want to miss the action this week!

Cash per diems: Approximately $37 (per diems and field trips are subject to change)

Session 3 * July 5th - July 8th *America Week*

O beautiful for spacious skies! This week is all about the great land from sea to shining sea!  We won’t get to celebrate together on Monday, but we hope you will celebrate with your family, just like our counselors will be doing. When we do get together on Tuesday, we will satisfy our sweet tooth at the Sweet Spot. The week will take us to the movies, Storytelling, swimming, and the beach. We’ll round the week out with a field day in the gym! Happy 4th of July, y’all!

Cash per diems: Approximately $28 (per diems and field trips are subject to change)

Session 4 * July 11th – July 15th  *Boredom Busters*

We are half way through the summer! We don’t want to hear you say you are bored this week… you won’t even have a chance between bowling at MacDaddy’s and skating at Rollerland! Team building at Camp Albemarle and splashing at Water Boggan are sure to keep you busy! We’ll make time between all the fun for a movie and walk to the beach! This week so jam packed with fun, I bet you are having the time of your life just reading this blurb about it!  


Cash per diems: Approximately $37 (per diems and field trips are subject to change)

Session 5 * July 18th – July 22nd *Under the Sea*

Just look at the world around you, Right here on the ocean floor
Such wonderful things surround you, What more is you lookin' for? Under the sea… under the sea… No, there will be no little mermaids swimming through this week’s theme! We’ll dive deep into adventure at the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium, search the green for Lost Treasure Mini Golf, learn a little water ecology at Camp Albemarle, and dive in at Starhill pool!.  We’ll have some fun on land as well at Storytelling and Western Park!



Cash per diems: Approximately $35 (per diems and field trips are subject to change)

Session 6 * July 25th – July 29th *Blast from the Past*

Sometimes, really cool things happen, and then time passes, and it’s in the past. However, we can still enjoy it by visiting the Maritime Museum for a little yo ho yo ho Pirate’s Life program. The Children’s Museum, Tryon Palace, and a dip in the pool will keep us busy, having fun, and visiting yesterday. That’s not all! We’ll go to the movies (probably one you’ve seen in the past… but still fun on the big screen) and Defy Gravity is on the agenda as well. You may remember some of these fun trips from PAST summer camps.


Cash per diems: Approximately $36 (per diems and field trips are subject to change)

Session 7 *August 1st – August 5th *Splash ’N Sports*

You didn’t think we were going to let you go all summer without this week’s theme, did you? Splash’N Sports is back for a week full of fun sports and cool water. We’ll visit Western Park, the movies, Golfin Dolphin, Cedar Point Gymnasics, and Starhill pool. This is the week you’ve been waiting for! BANANAN BOAT is this week! We’ll have a tasty treat at Ben & Jerry’s early in the week and bring it to a close with our own Ice Cream Social!




Cash per diems: Approximately $33 (per diems and field trips are subject to change)

 Session 8 * August 8th – August 12th *Let’s Make a Movie*

Are you a movie star at heart? Are you just waiting to be discovered? Well, here is your chance! You are going to love making a movie with Adam and Shalen Daniels.  Campers will help create the movie and will have acting roles in the short film.  Family and friends are invited to the premiere of the movie on Friday, August 12th at 7:00 pm.  Copies of the children’s movie will be available and the cost is included in the activity cost that will be paid at the beginning of the week.  When you are not filming, you will have the opportunity to participate in all kinds of camp fun- movie star style. We’ll even take a trip to the real big screen when we visit Emerald Plantation Cinema, have a froyo treat at Fuzzy Peach, visit the beach, and make castles at the beach!



Cash per diems: Approximately $42 (per diems and field trips are subject to change)