Travelling to / from Emerald Isle? Check Road Conditions First Catastrophic River / Creek Flooding in Eastern NC - BE SAFE!

Eastern NC continues to experience catastrophic river / creek flooding, and several highways and secondary roads remain flooded.  It is still possible to travel to and from Emerald Isle, however, with changing flood conditions over the next several days, certain routes may be open while others are closed.  To learn about the latest road conditions in NC, in real time, visit .  Use the interactive map to zoom in on certain areas, learn the specifics of any road closures, and plan the most efficient and safe route for your trip to / from Emerald Isle.  

If you encounter water across a roadway, DO NOT try to drive through it.  The depth and current may be greater than you realize, and there may also be a road washout that is not visible. Sadly, there have already been several fatalities resulting from people trying to drive through floodwaters, and these incidents are entirely preventable if you simply do not drive through those conditions.

BE SAFE, and take your time!






Posted by Rhonda Ferebee Friday, October 14, 2016 3:52:00 PM