US Army Corps of Engineers Dredging Bogue Inlet and Coast Guard Channel


The US Army Corps of Engineers dredge "Currituck" is touching up the main navigation channel in Bogue Inlet, and is also removing shoals in the nearby Coast Guard channel.  This work is expected to be complete in early September, and will result in safer navigation channels for area boaters heading into the fall fishing season.  

The "Currituck" is a hopper dredge, which is akin to a floating dump truck.  The dredge spoils are collected in the "hopper" and are being deposited just offshore from The Point in the Atlantic Ocean. This type of dredge is different than the "Merritt", the sidecast dredge that usually completes navigation maintenance dredging in Bogue Inlet.  The sidecast dredge simply "casts" the dredge spoils out of the navigation channel into nearby shallow waters.  The Town is hopeful that the use of the "Currituck" for this round of dredging will promote a more stable navigation channel for a longer period of time. 

The work in the Coast Guard channel is funded exclusively by the United States Coast Guard. The work in the Bogue Inlet navigation channel is funded through a partnership between the State of North Carolina, the Town of Emerald Isle, and other nearby local governments, including Carteret County, Onslow County, and the towns of Swansboro, Cedar Point, and Cape Carteret.  

Posted by Rhonda Ferebee Wednesday, September 5, 2018 4:30:00 PM Categories: News