Can people still use tents?

Absolutely! It is perfectly acceptable for people to set up tents on the beach strand during the day. The Town is simply requiring that people take them down each night. They are welcome to set them up again the next day!

Oceanfront property owners are eligible for up to 2 special exception stickers to enable them to leave equipment out overnight if desired. The stickers are for oceanfront owners only and will not be issued to guests. Oceanfront owners may secure the stickers and place on a tent or other equipment offered as part of the total vacation rental package for multiple guests to use throughout the summer. Oceanfront owners should contact Town Admin staff at 252-354-3424 for details.

History - This is not a new issue for the Town. The number of unattended beach tents, canopies, etc left on the beach overnight has grown significantly in recent years. Town staff counted as many as 300 tents left out overnight during the summer of 2009. There have been many requests from residents and visitors for the Town to adopt regulations over the past few years, and the Board finally decided to adopt regulations earlier this year to take effect in Summer 2010. The new regulations were unanimously supported by the vacation rental companies.

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1. Can people still use tents?
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