What can I do about free-roaming or feral cats on my property?

Cats with a tipped ear belong to a fellow property owner, so please check with your neighbors before trying to remove the animal.

Property owners may consider contacting a not-for-profit organization in our area, such as Island Cat Allies, Inc. This volunteer organization offers assistance with a Trap-Neuter-Return/vaccination program for those willing to provide food and water to the animals.

If you have found a stray cat, and are able to transport it, you may consider the Carteret County Humane Society. Visit the Carteret County Humane Society website or call 252-247-7744.

If you have found a feral cat, and are unable to transport the cat, you may consider Carteret County Animal Control for assistance in removing the animal: Call 252-728-8585 or visit Animal Control Services.

Please note: Loose dogs and cats are apprehended and delivered to the Carteret County Animal Shelter, located on Hibbs Road in Newport for reclamation by its owner, adoption, or euthanization. The Carteret County Animal Shelter is operated by the Carteret County Humane Society, under contract with the county.

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